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Essential Property Management Services to Have in Greenville, SC

What does a property management company do?

At Above Property Management, we provide a number of outstanding property management services for our clients in Greenville, South Carolina, and the upstate. Today, we’re talking about the 10 essential property management duties and responsibilities.

Changing Locks and Utilities | Preparing the Property

We’ll start at the beginning of the rent cycle; when a tenant moves out. After a tenant vacates, you’ll need a property manager who will change the locks and transfer utilities. Next, your manager should do an inspection and get quotes to make sure all repairs are done properly. Then, it’s time to get the property rent ready.

Marketing and Screening

Your property manager should market the property with signs in the yard and online advertisements. You’ll want them to show the home to qualified tenants. Once tenants begin applying, your property manager needs to screen those applicants. We look at credit and criminal backgrounds.

Lease Signing and Move-In Inspection

Once we have qualified a tenant, it’s time to sign the lease and collect a security deposit. Your property manager will also perform a move-in inspection. Once that’s performed, you can hand the keys over, and the tenant moves in.

Collect Rent and Pay Rent

With a tenant in place, your property manager should be ready to collect rent. We do the rent collection and set up tenants with online payments. We set up online payments with owners too, so we can pay them their rent every month.

Managing Tenants | Managing Owners

From there, it’s managing any violations including delinquencies and if necessary, evictions. The most important part of our job is working with owners. We want to keep you up to date with how your property is performing. We’ll conduct proper accounting and ensure your rental payments are coming in regularly.

These are the 10 essential services you should get from any property manager. If you have any questions about property management in Greenville, please contact us at Above Property Management.