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Why work with Above Property Management in Greenville?

Above Property Management is located in Greenville, South Carolina, and we provide property management services for the upstate. Today, we’re explaining why you should do business with us.

Tenant Retention and Maintenance

We believe in happy tenants. Happy tenants stay in properties longer, have less damage, and make on-time rent payments, which translates into more profits for the owner. We also know that investors buy rental property to make a profit. That can only happen when your rental property gets maintained. We understand that, and manage your property as if it was our own.

Above Property Management Service Level Agreement

To make sure that your property is maintained well, we have a service level agreement. In that agreement, we spell out exactly what you’ll get with our services. It talks about marketing, tenant screening, and most importantly – communication. We communicate with you in a number of different ways. You might want to hear from us via email or text. Maybe you want to talk to us before repairs and after repairs. We’ll get in touch with you during emergencies, and we’ll communicate in whatever way we decide is best.

Fair and Competitive Pricing

We don’t believe in surprises or hidden fees. Everything we do will be disclosed up front so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

If you’d like to know more about making more profit from your rental property, please contact us at Above Property Management. We’d be happy to discuss this with you, and all your property management of Greenville needs.